Pool Resurfacing

Rather than spending up big on an entirely new pool, why not restore your existing pool at a fraction of the cost? 

At All West Pool Resurfacing we use Aquaguard, FGI’s Fibretech Pool Resurfacing System. Aquaguard will protect and rejuvenate your pool, saving you money and instantly improving the appeal of your private oasis in only one week!

Suitable for fibreglass, concrete and vinyl liner pools, resurfacing your pool involves applying the following protective layers:

Aquaguard Topcoat – Colourful decorative and protective barrier. Incorporates the latest developments in decorative barrier coatings based on FGI’s Aquaguard technology. This is combined with FGI Vinyl Resins selected for excellent chemical resistance and durability, with an unrivalled field history proven over a long period of time in the swimming pool industry. Roller application.

FGI Vinyl Ester Fill Coat – Chemical barrier and to enhance surface finish quality.

FGI Vinyl Ester – Fibreglass reinforced laminate, superior chemicals, water and osmosis resistance.

FGI Vinyl Ester Primer Coat – Substrate adhesion coat.

The resurfacing procedure involves bracing and emptying the pool, doing any necessary repairs or preparation to the surface of the pool, applying a layer of fibreglass and vinylester gelcoat, then an Aquaguard topcoat in your choice of colour.